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Dedication to my closest & dearest ones....

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My Mom,Dad..

A child is like a plain canvas.There is no picture drawn on that canvas.What he/she has to become,how to achive the goals in life,what are the values of a good human being,he/she does not know anything about this.Parents and their constant guidance,care and love makes one able to get all this.My mom,dad has given me,taught me all the values and priciples of life about which I am so much proud of,which are the most valuable assest for me.How to handle and come out from the most difficult moments and situations,they have shown me always.Thank you so much mom,dad.I love you so very much!!

My Younger Sis..

There may be thousands of people one meets in his/her lifetime but nothing is comparable with one's real brother/sister.I am so much lucky that I have my younger sister who is always there for me whenever I need her and so am I for her.She is my best critic,my best friend and my biggest supporter.Thanx alot "Gudia" for everything of yours.I love you so much my dear!

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